Posted by RvdH under Computer & Peripherals on Jan 12 2008

I have one of those Samsung Mighty Drives, it is a USB2.0 Flash Memory Stick that comes with a security application..."USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.64.00".
Unfortunatly that software did not work right under Windows Vista.

I stumbled across a updated version of the Security application which is compatible with Windows Vista.

Updated version available, see:
Samsung Mighty Drive Security App v2.75

Actually i have found 2 different versions of this MFC Securtity/Format application,eg: 

  1. USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.73.06
    This one enables you to format the drive as it would have a public and private partition that can be opened upon unlocking it with your password.

  2. USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.73.01
    This version formats the USB stick so it would be recognized as Floppy Drive and Removable drive.