Posted by RvdH under Computer & Peripherals on Jan 12 2008

I have one of those Samsung Mighty Drives, it is a USB2.0 Flash Memory Stick that comes with a security application..."USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.64.00".
Unfortunatly that software did not work right under Windows Vista.

I stumbled across a updated version of the Security application which is compatible with Windows Vista.

Updated version available, see:
Samsung Mighty Drive Security App v2.75

Actually i have found 2 different versions of this MFC Securtity/Format application,eg: 

  1. USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.73.06
    This one enables you to format the drive as it would have a public and private partition that can be opened upon unlocking it with your password.

  2. USB DISK Pro Security App. - v2.73.01
    This version formats the USB stick so it would be recognized as Floppy Drive and Removable drive.



I was in the exact same boat as WildBill. For years I had done nothing about it, but enough was enough. I Googled an updated version of the software and found this.
Thankfully it allows for a 0MB partition and after about 1 minute everything was back to how a USB should be - 1 partition.
Thank you for the d/l link and keeping it available for so long.
This saved me from sending the USB to Integral's warranty service, though they were very willing to help me even after purchasing the USB 5 years ago.

Posted by Jack on Sep 01 2014 17:10
Have spent months trying to get rid of a security partition on a "Integral" flash drive .I have tried numerous programs partition adjusters re-formatters without seccess. Downloaded UDPv273 and ran program and like magic I was able to delete the security partition and resize the main partition.
Thanks again

Posted by WildBill on Oct 13 2009 12:19
Thank you sooooooooooooo much, you dont know how much of a headache this has been for me. Downloaded the software and recovered the files immediately.

Posted by danielle.bunt on Aug 26 2009 21:56
Your driver to upgrade my Samsung Mighty Drive USB flash drive was very helpful. Thank you for that. I haven't tested it yet on my VISTA machine, but I have no doubt it will work.

Posted by soiaz on Aug 05 2009 00:28
@bleh, thanks for reporting the error , think i have fixed that issue
If i remember right i had no option to switch types very easily, but finally managed to achieve it. You have to remove the hidden partition and password and set the new (single) partition to it's full size (leaving 0.00 capacity for the hidden partition), then reformat, unplug and insert the device again. After i inserted the device again, i started the 2.73.01 version of this program, at this point the FDD + HDD option became available.
I also picked up a comment elsewhere, saying that some devices are manufactured slightly different and thus not have this capability.

Posted by RvdH on May 29 2009 19:30
(Ok, so I cleaned this of all apostrophes and single quotes, let s see if it works now:)
I just downloaded the files, and I can t get the 2.73.01 version to make Floppy+HDD partitions.
In fact, both versions of the program show the exact same behaviour, the one you described for 2.73.06. I get a "configure size" button , but no "To FDD+HDD" button with 2.73.01. This is with a 2 GB MightyDrive and XP SP2.The funny thing is that I had exactly the same experience with the same set of files downloaded earlier separately from another source (where 2.73.01 was described the same way it is here). No chance to create a virtual floppy for me (which is what I would have needed, I m not exactly interested in the secure partition).
What s more, one of the program versions managed to make all files on the stick invisible to Explorer and the size show up with less than 500 kB, even though I did not repartition it. Both the size and the files would however show up correctly after I inserted the stick into my old Win 98 machine (where I reformatted it).
As for the reports of people getting a "Please insert the device or run this utility as privileged user" error (I ve seen this reported as happening under XP2): I don t get this message under XP2, but I get it under Win 98.

Posted by bleh on May 24 2009 05:00
Your comment system does not work, I keep getting error 80040e14, seems to crap out for apostrophes and single quotes.

Posted by bleh on May 24 2009 04:56
Updated version: Samsung Mighty Drive Security App v2.75
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Posted by RvdH on Jan 23 2009 21:40
Thanks a lot!

Posted by vale46 on Dec 24 2008 01:08
Fixed, caused by issue when upgrading some server components

Posted by RvdH on Aug 12 2008 12:05
Will not open the download page, "page cannot be found"

Posted by texmyer on Aug 09 2008 18:16
this will not download for me ffs, is there anywhere else i can get it from

Posted by johnmac on Aug 09 2008 09:44
My pleasure, had a hard time myself getting this to work under Vista

Posted by RvdH on Jul 15 2008 09:42
thanks this really helped me alot

Posted by mike_tyrell on Jul 14 2008 23:20
I have a 2gb mighty drive and I want to increase the size of the secure partition, however the button for changing the size does not show up. I have tried copying the data off and reformatting etc. I have tried the original version of the software and both versions available from your site but still can`t get it to work, any ideas?
Sorry, ignore that, you need to disable the password then remove the disk, re-insert it and then the option shows up!
Last edited on: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 21:53 CEST by: grahamic

Posted by grahamic on Jul 08 2008 21:50
Mmm, are you sure it's a Samsung Mighty Drive? You can try to right click on the executable, from the menu shown choose "Run as administrator"

Posted by RvdH on Mar 26 2008 06:19
All I get is "Please insert the device and run this utility as a priviledged user". Tried all sorts without any luck.

Posted by jeansee on Mar 24 2008 17:14

Posted by RvdH on Mar 07 2008 00:25
Hi. What program shall I open the downloaded file with? It is displayed as an unknown file type. Thanks

Posted by colliedogs on Mar 03 2008 17:01
Please download it again, should be fixed

Posted by RvdH on Feb 28 2008 12:43
I downloaded the file called download 8 but it won't open in XP how do you open it?

Posted by cybermax2 on Feb 25 2008 16:45
hi, thanks for the download. :)

Posted by arejae on Jan 14 2008 13:17

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