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You have disabled the red U3 Cruzer desktop icon but now want it back?
According to the Sandisk knowledge base artricles, the red U3 Cruzer desktop icon cannot be re-enabled after it has been removed or permanently disabled, is this really true? No is not! here is a utility that restores your red U3 Cruzer desktop icon!

Disable the red cruzer icon

If you ever did right-click on the red U3 Cruzer icon on your desktop and select "Permanently Disable Cruzer Icon" you should have find out there is no possible way to restore or re-enable it.

This is exactly what the SanDisk Knowledge base claims, eg:
WARNING:  The "Red" U3 Cruzer icon cannot be re-enabled after it has been removed or permanently disabled

How is this done?
After clicking "Permanently Disable Cruzer Icon" a cookie (DisableCruzerIcon) is written to the U3 device. U3 Device Cookies are used to store data in a special hidden data area of the device. They are accessible only by U3 DAPI. Applications can store private data in this hidden area.

Ok, so there is a cookie. Well in that case what happens if we delete that particular cookie? Do you have guessed it already? Right, the red U3 Cruzer Icon has returned!

The attached download will do this for you, download the u3p, install it on you Cruzer U3 device and simply run it.

(This utillity is created after being inspired by topic posten on U3 Community Forums)

Restore the red cruzer icon


Unzip then in the U3 LaunchPad select "Add Programs" -> "Install from My Computer" -> browse to the downloaded "RestoreCruzerIcon.u3p" and click open. That's all, the rest should go automatically.

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