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Most motherboard and PC manufactures say the best way to flash a bios is using a clean booting 1.44 MB floppy disk. But as you might know most PC systems build today are sold without a floppy drive. If your computer lacks a floppy drive and your system is capable of booting up from a bootable cdrom this utility might be the answer for you. The FlashCD Creator utility creates a 2.88 MB floppy which is emulated when booting from the cdrom.

FlashCD Creator creates bootable ISO images which enables you to update a bios on a PC without a floppy drive.

How to use it?
Using FlashCD Creator is very simple, just download and select the DOS flash utility of your motherboard/manufacturer. Next select the BIOS file you like to flash. Optionally you can add parameters the DOS flash utility supports.
(Read the documentation of your motherboard and/or PC manufacturer for details).
The AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the emulated floppy disk created by FlashCD Creator is automatically updated with the details you select/enter during configuration, so use with care!

A example of a generated AUTOEXEC.BAT could be:

In above example AFUDOS.EXE is the bios flasher (AMI), where G31M-S_1.80A is the BIOS update for the specific system.
The parameters /P /B /C /REBOOT says: Program main BIOS image, program bootblock, reset CMOS to defaults and afterwards reboot the system.

Last but not least, use this at your own risk!
I can and may not be held responsible for any damage this FlashCD Creator utility or the created FlashCD may cause.

And remember, don't fix a system that's ain't broken!


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