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Most motherboard and PC manufactures say the best way to flash a bios is using a clean booting 1.44 MB floppy disk. But as you might know most PC systems build today are sold without a floppy drive. If your computer lacks a floppy drive and your system is capable of booting up from a bootable cdrom this utility might be the answer for you. The FlashCD Creator utility creates a 2.88 MB floppy which is emulated when booting from the cdrom.

FlashCD Creator creates bootable ISO images which enables you to update a bios on a PC without a floppy drive.

How to use it?
Using FlashCD Creator is very simple, just download and select the DOS flash utility of your motherboard/manufacturer. Next select the BIOS file you like to flash. Optionally you can add parameters the DOS flash utility supports.
(Read the documentation of your motherboard and/or PC manufacturer for details).
The AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the emulated floppy disk created by FlashCD Creator is automatically updated with the details you select/enter during configuration, so use with care!

A example of a generated AUTOEXEC.BAT could be:

In above example AFUDOS.EXE is the bios flasher (AMI), where G31M-S_1.80A is the BIOS update for the specific system.
The parameters /P /B /C /REBOOT says: Program main BIOS image, program bootblock, reset CMOS to defaults and afterwards reboot the system.

Last but not least, use this at your own risk!
I can and may not be held responsible for any damage this FlashCD Creator utility or the created FlashCD may cause.

And remember, don't fix a system that's ain't broken!


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Posted by RvdH on Jan 18 2012 16:23
Hi, FlashCD Creator is a great tool, congratulations! However, it would be even better if I could add even more files. There should be an (optional) field "Additional files" where I could select additional files, that may be needed by the BIOS update procedure. There are some cases where BIOS upgrade procedure needs more files, on example is the HP ROMPAQ update utiltiy whitch typically needs also the .CPU file which is the driver file for the utility. Can you please upgrade the utility with this little additional functionality?

Kind regards, Marko.

Posted by vonkobalus on Jan 17 2012 15:42
Thank you for a great and easy tool. 20 years in IT and I find the best tools still come from individuals with a need vs corps with a bottom line. Great job.

Posted by mrmr on May 01 2011 00:32
Awesome sauce

Posted by Quigongentoo on Feb 26 2011 05:30
I just spent about 5 hours trying to get an old dusty 3.5" disk drive and disk to work. I gave up and started looking for other options. This tool took less than 10 minutes. Thank you!

Posted by JB on Jan 02 2011 04:06
I'm sorry it has taken me to long to get back to you. I've been on my travels and away from an Internet connection. Many thanks for the revised version. It's good to have more options.

Posted by 6502 on Sep 30 2010 23:56
@6502, New version, bios file is optional now, does this suits you?

Posted by RvdH on Sep 05 2010 13:07
Thank you once again.

Posted by 6502 on Aug 27 2010 21:27
@mbmalone Probably my fault, switched to Server 2008 R2 recently, had some issues getting it all to run on 64-bit platform
@6502I will look into it

Posted by RvdH on Aug 25 2010 08:41
Thank you for FlashCD Creator. I had a lot of trouble downloading it, however. I finally had to use Google Chrome. :-)

Posted by mbmalone on Aug 24 2010 17:21
I also find this extremely useful. However, I do have one small suggestion to further enhance it. It would be good if the insertion of a "BIOS file" was made optional. Some OEM supplied BIOS flash programs, Dell for example, incorporate the updated BIOS in the executable.
Finally, I want to say thanks for sharing this great tool.

Posted by 6502 on Aug 21 2010 11:13
its a great utility
i use that

Posted by Vovan59 on Feb 20 2010 12:49

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