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The JMicron JMB363 is a single chip, one-lane PCI Express to two-port Serial ATA II and one-port PATA Host Controller often found embedded in motherboards and in low-cost add-on cards. The JMB363 is designed to provide two-port SATA II and one-port PATA connectivity. The JMB363 supports both AHCI and Legacy IDE controller to increase system feasibility, including Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Hot Plugging, ATAPI Device Supporting, Port Multiplier with Command-based Switching Supporting, Programmable Output Swing Control to fit SATA II Gen1m and Gen2m (External SATA Connection, eSATA). It features PCI Express bus and Serial ATA II interface to express high performance storage devices. 

The chip supports operating in IDE, AHCI and RAID controller modes. Motherboard BIOSes allow choosing the operating mode, but add-on cards are stuck in RAID mode. The problem with RAID mode is that the standard Windows AHCI or IDE drivers cannot be used. A JMicron-specific driver is available for Windows OS's but this driver doesn't support functions like TRIM for SSD's.

On the page below 2 AHCI enabled option rom's are available, unfortunatly both these AHCI rom's didn't allow me to use an attached harddisk as boot medium. With the help of the author I created a IDE mode only option rom, this option rom allows you to use and attached harddisk as boot medium using the 'Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller' Windows driver.



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jmb363_1.07.28_ide.bin and jmb363_1.07.28_ahci.bin added to my onedrive

To disable the optionrom erase the bios afterward (36xupd.exe /e)

Posted by RvdH on Apr 22 2015 17:08
Thank you to you! My samsung IDE boot drive at boot my computer and recognized in the BIOS of my mother card from my MSI Z77A-g45.
Great job!

Posted by Alex on Feb 26 2015 11:20
Sorry guys i do not think this enables the PATA port. I believe this mod only allows you to use the SATA ports in IDE mode. unfortunately I have no PATA ide drive to test this.

Posted by RvdH on Jul 29 2014 11:05
Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for a way to use the PATA port with the default drivers because of the instability of the Jmicron driver in Windows 8.

Posted by someone on Jul 20 2014 19:04

So if I understand correctly, this custom ROM keeps the IDE (PATA) port working, by using a default Windows driver?

Please confirm by e-mail, as I have this card and facing the same problem...

Posted by Lander Brau on May 14 2014 00:38

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