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This article explains how you can adjust your SpamAssassin score using DNSBL blocklist.

The zone contains information which can be used to determine whether a given IP address resides in a given country, thus making it possible for the users to filter out mail from a specific country using standard methods. For example my own mailserver is configured to reject mail from hosts listed in, which means that I should reject most mail sent from or through a mail-server located in China.

The zone contains no information about the status of an address as a spammer or open relay. In general terms: The zone does not contain anything but geographic information

Few examples:

describe BL_COUNTRY_VN_1 Mail client in Vietnam
header BL_COUNTRY_VN_1 eval:check_rbl('vietnam', '')
score BL_COUNTRY_VN_1 2.0 # please adjust the score value
tflags BL_COUNTRY_VN_1 net

describe BL_COUNTRY_IN_1 Mail client in India
header BL_COUNTRY_IN_1 eval:check_rbl('India', '')
score BL_COUNTRY_IN_1 2.0 # please adjust the score value
tflags BL_COUNTRY_IN_1 net

describe BL_COUNTRY_RU_1 Mail client in Russia
header BL_COUNTRY_RU_1 eval:check_rbl('Russia', '')
score BL_COUNTRY_RU_1 2.0 # please adjust the score value
tflags BL_COUNTRY_RU_1 net

describe BL_COUNTRY_BR_1 Mail client in Brasil
header BL_COUNTRY_BR_1 eval:check_rbl('Brasil', '')
score BL_COUNTRY_BR_1 2.0 # please adjust the score value
tflags BL_COUNTRY_BR_1 net

describe BL_COUNTRY_CN_1 Mail client in China
header BL_COUNTRY_CN_1 eval:check_rbl('China', '')
score BL_COUNTRY_CN_1 2.0 # please adjust the score value
tflags BL_COUNTRY_CN_1 net

complete to be copied to .\etc\spamassassin, uncomment the country and adjust the score for countries you want to tag as SPAM

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