On this page you find my experimental build of HMailServer, basically this build has brought forward many of the 5.7 fixes ('issues') into the latest 5.6.x builds for people to use.
It also includes some new scripting eventhandler features as: OnHELO and OnClientLogon and some issues I experienced with SpamAssassin missing the Return-Path headers and a Office 2016 read receipt without From header.

My hMailServer enhancements (github)

Current version(s): 5.6.7-B2425.16 / 5.6.8-B2431.16
Latest (production) version 5.6.7 - Build 2425 (2017-12-14)
Latest (beta) version 5.6.8 - Build 2431 (2018-03-27)


  1. Supports Sub OnHELO(oClient) event, issue #153
  2. Fixed Incorrect DEBUG logging for event 'OnDeliverMessage', issue #181
  3. Include HTMLBody into IMAP TEXT search, pull #193
  4. Fixed implicit conversion: "int" to "unsigned char" pull #204
  5. Faulty: SMTP 'Disconnect client after too many invalid commands' pull issue #160
  6. SMTP server error "550 Unsupported ESMTP extension" on MAIL FROM:... AUTH=<> [with fix] issue #164
  7. Removed warning if backup was more than 1,5GB and 15GB limit. There's no longer a recommended max-size - the time will vary with the installation size. issue #69
  8. Speed up 'update hm_messages set messageflags' issue #221
  9. Treat authenticated users as localsender if the sender is authenticated and AuthUserIsLocal=1 INI setting Office 2016 Bug
  10. Add Return-Path header as topmost header before sending the message to SA (+ delete Return-Path header after the SA check completes) issue #116
  11. Experimental eventhandler OnClientLogon(oClient), New ClientInfo property oClient.Authenticated (Boolean)
  12. Handling of long UIDL response lists was too slow. issue #93
  13. When calling SpamAssassin and there was a connection failure, sometimes temporary files were left behind issue #100
  14. SURBL detection properly fails to detect url's ending with a query string issue #108
  15. If a route is set up, but the recipient does not match an address in the route address list, the domain catch-all should be used if specified. issue #74
  16. Fix ExternalFetcher DELE when no RETR, pull #254

Just install the latest production and/or beta version from here, then download corresponding package below and overwrite files in 'bin' directory

Download 5.6.7-B2425.16 Download 5.6.8-B2431.16


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